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Pro-Ture is committed to delivering exceptional results by utilizing our proven repeatable processes and methodologies along with our certified consulting staff and the highest levels of consulting professionalism within the industry. Pro-Ture believes in creating a true partnership with our clients by not only providing outstanding services, but becoming a true trusted advisor for our customers.

Embark on a strategy that not only addresses your current business intelligence needs but your future strategy as well:


Key Client BI Needs:

BI Strategy Services

  • BI Assessments

Our Business Intelligence Assessment provides a comprehensive assessment which helps measure the value you are receiving from your current BI framework. Our consultants will work to maximize the business benefits derived from your Business Intelligence solution and to realize a fast Return on Investment (ROI) based on our findings. We research the business and technical components of the BI platform, identify any potential roadblocks to success, provide a cohesive evolutionary vision for current and future development, assess your current business intelligence overall health, identify best practices and process improvements , as well as, identifying any business and technology pain points. We provide an overall findings document, technical drawings and strategy and roadmaps for short and long term goals.

  • BI Roadmap

The BI roadmap identifies opportunities within a company’s organization where business intelligence can improve the quality of day-to-day decision making. Our BI roadmap consists of four major components: identifying the real business drivers and the key performance indicators, identifying how requirements align with organizational execution, outlining short term vs. long term goals and identifying the various segments that need to be addressed to achieve these factors.

  • BI Competency Center

In today’s BI market it is not uncommon to find multiple ‘niche BI tools” in one company. Some companies have as many at 4 – 5 different BI platforms that create multiple, overlapping technologies. Our BI Competency Center strategy focuses on identifying the need for the competency center, implementing standards, building a long-term BI strategy and establishing critical success factors. Our agnostic approach looks at what the true business drivers are and which BI software will truly fit your current and future needs. For customers that have already made the software choices we will work with your team to address 5 basic needs: support, guidance, training, measurements and governance.

BI Architecture Services

  • BI Architecture Framework

The Business Intelligence architecture framework is an important part of the BI process. There are several aspects to the framework that must be addressed: infrastructure, sizing, configuration, promotion processes, high availability and disaster recovery to the overall maintenance of the system. A poorly designed framework can result in poor performance, down time and a system that users will not utilize. Our certified staff have years of experience with establishing the initial architectural framework to troubleshooting a poorly designed framework.

  • BI Data Architecture

Business processes create data. This data is an enterprise asset. Executives, managers and users utilize this data to establish business goals, analyze the progress of the goals, gain insight, and take action in order to measure success. Due to increased data volumes and data chaos many companies have not been able to successfully capitalize on their business intelligence investments. Our experience has shown that to be successful within the Business intelligence arena you must have a strong data foundation. Our experienced staff of consultants has worked with many large enterprise customers to achieve the strong foundation required for a successful BI implementation. We are skilled in the various data technologies including: Oracle, SQL Server, Teradata, Postgres and more. Our consultants can help you achieve success by assisting with Data Modeling, Data Design and more.

BI Benchmarking Services

  • BI Score Carding

BI Score Carding is a concept for measuring whether the activities of a company are meeting its objectives in terms of vision and strategy. This is not an easy task. Our certified professionals can assist with identifying whether your business requires dashboards, scorecards or a combination of both in order to track these business metrics. We can identify root cause problems in your program, clear roadblocks and regain forward momentum so you can progress to the next level.

  • BI Value Analysis

Business Intelligence (BI) promised to empower users by giving them direct access to information so they can make informed decisions, create more effective plans and react quickly to changing market dynamics. As part of our overall project methodology our staff of qualified consultants will assist with validating that your organization is getting the true value add from your BI investment. The BI value analysis provides further insight into your business drivers and can assist with establishing the appropriate KPI’s for your business.

BI Governance Services

  • BI Best Practices

Companies invest millions of dollars in their quest to improve their Business Intelligence investment. We have developed proven BI best practices based on our years of experience within the industry. Our best practices were developed to drive end user adoption, assist with negotiating through the various BI platforms to identify which reporting tool provides the best return on your BI investment, and to provide fewer problems and unforeseen complications during your BI implementation.

  • BI Program/Project Management

In today’s increasingly competitive work of continuous technology and business innovation, having the foresight to anticipate and plan for future improvements is key to staying ahead of the competition. Our project management methodologies and proven repeatable process will help you achieve successfully on time and within budget projects.

BI Custom Solutions

  • BI Training

Pro-Ture provides experienced training based on your BI platform needs. We provide a comprehensive evaluation to identify your learning requirements and provide the necessary training in order to make your BI deployment a success. Each training evaluation is based on your organizations BI training needs and end user skill levels. Our goal is to provide your staff with hands-on real world experiences leading to increased productivity.

  • BI Support (Project, Peak, Augmentation, Month-End, Off-Hour, Offshore)

Pro-Ture provides support to our customers based on current project requirements and on project by project bases – including on-call, offshore and 24/7 help line consulting support. Please contact us for further information on our current support offerings.

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