Global Service and Product Trading Advisory  

For close to three (3) decades now, Pro-Ture has provided its various expertise and services to North America, Europe, Gulf and the Caribbean Regions -- International Trading; Investments; Consulting; Mergers and Acquisitions; Licensing; Joint Ventures and Agency Relationships; Emerging Technology Markets and Products; Project Development and Financing; Project Management; and Entertainment.

Pro-Ture has found in its experience that many North American and European companies that are successful in one market niche or in one country, feel that its very easy to expand their business into other markets. However, this seemingly easy step has many pitfalls. Credibility in the North American or European marketplace does not readily translate to the Caribbean or Gulf Regions. Even companies with good reputations for supplying products and services in their domestic markets, often overlook various factors, barriers, and cultural differences that must be overcome.

In the Caribbean and Gulf Region countries, the number of uncontrollable factors that a company will have no influence over is numerous. Without a strong agent and trading advisor, like Pro-Ture, success is but a dream! When companies are considering exporting, or providing their products or services internationally, an understanding of the processes of the host country is vital. Pro-Ture can support and assist interested companies in this effort with the knowledge it has gained through its dealings.


Solutions to Key Business Issues:

  • business development

  • business engineering

  • client profiling

  • consulting

  • construction management

  • e-business & commerce solutions

  • entertainment

  • feasibility studies

  • financial analysis

  • general trading

  • global positioning systems

  • global sourcing

  • information technology

  • intellectual property transfers

  • international marketing

  • international trading

  • joint ventures

  • market integration

  • market research analysis

  • mergers and acquisitions

  • oil & gas turnkey projects

  • ports, harbors, & marine design 

  • ports, harbors, & marine engineering

  • product profiling

  • project development and financing

  • project management

  • research & development

  • sales and marketing

  • security systems and cameras

  • security products (non-lethal)

  • supplier profiling

  • technology assessments

  • technology transfers

  • vendor profiling

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