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Pro-Ture promises to provide an unequaled level of quality service in meeting each organization’s needs. Pro-Ture's highly professional staff is committed to quality, excellent service, and innovation. Pro-Ture's objective is to supply our Clients with the competitive edge needed to succeed.

Pro-Ture was formed by a dedicated group of professionals with a broad range of industry experience. The diverse background of our Associates ensures that the highest level of productivity is achieved in each component of a project's life cycle. Many of Pro-Ture's Associates foundation and infrastructure were established while working at some point in their career for some of today’s biggest technology leaders, such as Accenture, Business Objects, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, IBM, KPMG, Oracle, SAP and Teradata. 


Global Services Delivery:

  • Business Intelligence Practice specializes in the Program Management and Enterprise Integration of Package Applications/Implementations using methodologies, network resource planning, and state of the art technologies in providing superior solutions to critical business problems.

  • Business Management and Engineering Solutions (BMES) Practice specializes in the investigation, analysis and design of business functions and operations. We have extensive experience in the application of formal methods to all aspects of an enterprise — from business strategic planning and process redesign, through to the specification of complex data base and distributed operational systems.

  • Continuous Process Improvement and Enhancement Services allows for the integration of project management techniques, development techniques, users and tools to facilitate the building of quality application systems in a designated time frame. Our CPIE Practice makes the ideals of increasing productivity, improving quality and management, and reducing IT cost a reality. Our Process Improvement Management Practice helps an organization to successfully manage not only industry proven best practices, but also the assets and skills each individual brings to a development project.

  • e-business Solutions Practice offers a fundamental change in the way business is done. The focus is to build interactive and visual software solutions for use in sales and product delivery applications for major corporations. We provide a full range of services involved in the creation, design, development, integration and deployment of interactive online technologies with an emphasis on Electronic Commerce, Web Transactions, and Online Customer Services.

  • Enterprise Systems Integration Services ensures that the necessary application development, integration, testing and quality assurance processes and procedures are used within today's complex business environments.

  • Management Consulting Services focuses on providing senior level professionals who work on a time and materials (hourly) project basis, allowing customers to implement the latest technologies without incurring the overhead of permanent employees. Pro-Ture’s consultants provide staff supplementation and team staffing services which spans Pro-Ture's overall service offerings.

  • Network and Security Management provides consulting services to help companies maximize their investments in applications and hardware through an efficient and flexible technical infrastructure. This Practice specializes in the design, implementation, and management of networks and systems in large-scale corporate environments.

  • Outsourced Practice was specifically targets small to medium sized organizations because these types of organizations often have problems implementing the type of systems and getting the kind of support needed in order to maximize their business. Offshore, Near-Shore and Outsourcing offering exists for global corporations as well.

  • Program Management Services Practice provides all of the necessary Program Management areas and all of the components involved in our Customer's Project. Pro-Ture is accustomed to managing large-scale projects with many components and various vendors. Pro-Ture Associates have managed well over $500 million US worth of projects, so we understand the significance and due diligence required to successful manage an implementation whether it’s a airline, airport, aviation, banking, construction, engineering, finance, pipeline, petrochemical, or technology projects. From start to finish, we act on behalf of our Customers to perform the services associated within the scope of the project

  • Relationship Management encompasses Customer Relationship Management (CRM), but also extends it to accountability, ownership, business concepts and objects, interfaces, mission statement, organizational and reorganizational structure, enterprise architecture, corporate planning, intellectual property, accounting and financial functions, cost benefit analysis, profitability, acquired resources, employee vs. employer relations, sales and marketing, legal agreement factors, regulations, quality, risk, catastrophes, contingency, task classification, time, workflow, product lifecycles, Customer demands, supply chain, vendor relations, supplier relations, project interdependencies and relationships.

  • Telecommunications develops, maintains, and supports Global Voice and Video Systems on behalf of our Customers. This includes virtual private networks, PBX, voicemail, ACD, modems, and conferencing systems. Due to the nature of telecommunication business, this group will be responsible for maintaining budgets and reporting budget information to the Executive Committees through a Telecommunication Financial Specialist. 

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